Any way to speed up javascript loading, or put it in the footer?

Right now, I’m using Kartra to host my site, however when I speed check it, the javascript in the header is taking the most time to load.

GTX Speed test recommended putting it in the footer, rather than the header, to at least paint some content faster.

In Kartra, there is no way to do that because the page editor makes its code the way it wants, in the header.

Would there be any benefit to re-doing my site in webflow?

Is the code generated, cleaner or faster, or can be modified so my load time, or at least first content paint time is reduced?


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Depends. What are we comparing to? There a plenty of showcased sites that you can easily inspect. Take a look at a simple build for example;

You may use Defer or Async if the JS is not very critical.