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Any way to add Registration Wall?

I want to create a registration wall so that when visitors want to download a pdf of a whitepaper they have to submit their contact info first? Is this possible? Sorry if this has been covered, I couldn’t find any information.


There is no way of doing it natively in Weblow. You would need to integrate a third party system. Why do you want them to register before being able to download the material?

Typically when companies take the time to develop this material, its main purpose is to collect new contacts and leads. Any suggestions for integrating a third party?

If you are just looking for email capture for lead generation then I would suggest Mail Chimp. I am pretty sure you can use it to send an automated email with you download in it. Or put the download on the thank you page. Not sure, let me know what you find out.

That’s a pretty good solution, just create a separate thank you page and have it hosted there. Great idea David, thanks!