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Any experience with Google Page Speeds Insight?

Hey Guys

I’m trying to boost my Google page speed score.
I’m currently working through solving image issues.
However, does anyone know how to solve issues such as the following:

  1. Eliminate render-blocking resources
  2. defer unused CSS
  3. Ensure text remains visible during webfont load
  4. Minimize main-thread work <-- this is a BIG one!
  5. Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy
  6. Reduce JavaScript execution time
  7. Avoid an excessive DOM size

If you wish to run a test on an example page from my blog, just click this:

Any help would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

read only:

@PixelGeek - Hope you are well? Is anyone from Webflow able to comment on google lighthouse and how to fix some of the items it’s raising as issues?


Can it be your custom code inside the head? Or the code inside block ads from appearing

On this site how about reducing the image load of 5,692 KB on the home page. Mediavine’s script is taking 3+ seconds to load as well. Using 1200x803 pixel background images for a 294x160 pixel div x 6, is not in your visitors best interest. Addressing these issues would seriously help. I could go on.

I personally don’t know anyone so eager to visit a website that they will wait 6+ seconds for a page load. Unless they are getting paid. This is not a webflow issue.

Yes those are issues that are being fixed. I asked for help regarding the above 7 points. Please check the thread again

I’m pulling a 92 on a site I just launched on webflow hosting. Recommendations include using unsupported image formats (even on chrome). Removing unused CSS of the home page (save 17ms WOW) and I could squeeze off another 780 ms off the load killing webfonts which I am not going to do since they are popular fonts and are cached by a large percentage of browser visitors. I could shave 120 k off my hero image but it is a destination and that image sets the whole tone. So no, I am leaving that one alone. But wait Google says I could do more!

Hmm. Just tested Google Analytics main site with Google Page Speed Insight and it pulls a … wait … 75.

I have optimized sites for fortune 100. Your barking up the wrong tree.