Another BUG - They've rolled it out too quickly and Localization is buggy as F**K

Another BUG - They’ve rolled it out too quickly and Localization is buggy as F**K

Tried to build a slider and place text which is localized in it? too bad. It’s fu**ed and localization won’t work in the slider from the second slide and on as well as the formatting would be screwed if you have an RTL language.

Get you act together Webflow! please!

I haven’t encountered any slider issues. However I’m not using any RTL languages, and I understand there are a myriad of best practices you need to apply to get that to work well in general

Would be interesting to see your readonly designer link.

In non-RTL languages, just create the primary language slider, switch the locale, change the slide, translate it… form success/error messages however are much more difficult to access.

I actually had it on my live website for a day or two to help Webflow diagnose this issue. According to them this issue is happening for the native Slider element when the locale language is RTL (right-to-left), which seems to be the root cause of the issue.

Webflow support told me that they don’t have a timeframe as to when this issue will be resolved.

To me this is really disappointing, especially since they are not very cheap where it comes to their general costs and especially when adding localization.

I actually just added Arabic to a client site yesterday, which has a slider. I didn’t encounter any issues, but if I had, my first move would be to replace the slider with a more versatile one like swiperjs.

For me the bigger annoyances have been the need to replace every CMS option field with a ref to another collection [ which costs both a collection and a ref field ], and the need to replace button elements and form submit buttons with something programmatic so they could be build as plain text elements for translation purposes.

I haven’t decided what to do about input placeholders and component properties yet.

I was able to recreate it just now.
It happens every time your main locale is LTR and your secondary is RTL.
Any slide beyond the first would not be seen on the secondary locale.

Unfortunately this is how Webflow works. Their ‘engineering’ team do not know how to create software that just works.

I wrote a Javascript that makes the Webflow Slider RTL-friendly. It’s part of the RTLflow 2.0 Styleguide:

You wanna set a Custom Attribute “dir=ltr” on the Slider Mask. On the Main Slider Component, you add “rf-reverse-wslider”=“slider-auto”.

Check out Lesson 9 “How to build RTL Webflow Sliders” in this playlist:

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