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Annual / Bulk Hosting

Dear Webflow Team. Many of us work in large quantities and are already tier 2 or 3 team plan users. I also know a number of users who have simply given up on the pricing scheme and have settled for exporting and bulk hosting with hosts like godaddy. Do you plan to compete with this? For example:

For all plans:
25% discount on annual hosting $3.75/$7.50 Monthy

Pro/Team Plans:
Hosting Blocks, Annual plans
CMS Block $60 monthly = 10 annual CMS SITES
Basic Block $30 monthly = 10 annual static sites


Totally in for the discounts, but at this point I would do ANYTHING to stop these tiny $5.00 charges popping up every month. I would KILL to have my Webflow billing bundled into a single monthly transaction as opposed to tons of tiny ones for each hosting package/website.

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No need to “KILL” :grimacing: We are already working on this :wink:


@PixelGeek YAY! Very excited!

We feel your pain guys - it’s an annoyance we hope to address soon.


Hey, any ETA on this feature? It would be so great to clean up the billing tab as the number of clients increases! I imagine this would also save us some money, as the accountant would have an easier job going through the invoices :slight_smile:

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I would love this annual host pricing structure too. I’m based in Canada and with the CAD/USD fluctuation, paying once would make budgeting easier.


I would like this option very much. Half-yearly would be great too.