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Announcing our new Webflow Events Hub!

Today is a great day! We are proud to announce that we’re moving from Meetup to our new Webflow Events Hub!

Why did we make this change?

As the world shifted and changed this year, so have the needs of the community. We have some AMAZING Community Chapter leaders who volunteer their time to put these events together, share knowledge, and create local communities. They have been integral in the success of our community and they wanted a better way to get things done. We also received feedback from attendees of our events that they wanted a better experience. So, we took all of this feedback into consideration and have decided to move our community off Meetup.

What now?

We currently have over 86 Webflow Community Chapters with over 621+ events hosted all over the globe and this number is steadily increasing. This new event platform will help centralize all Webflow events across the globe –– making it easier for community members to find and access local events like meetups, conferences, workshops, etc., all in one place.

How can I join?

Joining your local chapter or finding a new chapter is simple. We migrated all our chapter information from Meetup to our new Webflow Events Hub so all you’ll need to do is

  • Go to Webflow Events and find your chapter

  • Once you’ve found your local chapter you’ll need to create an account or log in using your Webflow credentials (using the SSO option) and tadaa you’re all set :dizzy:

What happens if I don’t see a chapter in my city?

If you don’t see your city listed that’s because we don’t have a leader just yet. If you love Webflow and would love to volunteer your time to plan, promote, and execute amazing events, we absolutely want to work with you!

Submit your application and once you’re onboarded we will support you with what you need to grow your own successful Webflow Community Chapter, with reimbursements for your events, promotion, swag, and other resources.

The Webflow Community team wants to thank all of our leaders, all of our attendees, and the growing Webflow community for your continued support. We appreciate all of your feedback and we’re going to continue to dream big with all of your help!

Let’s do this!