Announcement Bar

I heard about an “announcement bar” in a landing page webinar. It was suggested I place my landing page on my website in the announcement bar? Not sure what that is and if it might just be an interaction that loads on Page Load which I can do. So many great things in webflow just don’t seem to fit into “definition”.
I am wanting to have my landing page be the first thing a visitor sees, what is the best way to do that and allow them to “skip it” if they are not interested in the subject, ie. Free Report, Newsletter, etc.
Thanks, you all are terrific and Webflow Rocks

I guess what you want is a custom modal if it is, there is a variety of tutorial on the subject :

Or if it’s a notification bar you want here is another tutorial :

If your new to Webflow, it really helps to watch all the Webflow university videos. It takes about a month to grasp a lot of subtleties for making a basic website with micro-interactions. There’s a steep learning curve but very rewarding. You can even take your websites to another level if you have a basic understanding of Javascript and watch Finsweet YT channel.

Have fun with Webflow, it quickly becomes an addiction though.

Was this a webflow specific webinar @rjbiccum? From your explanation, I would call what your describing a ‘welcome mat’. This is easy enough to create in webflow. Essentially it’s a page that lays on top of every other page on your website for a short-term promotion. If you’re promoting a new thing, say a book, you could have a page appear on every page of your site that says ‘hey, want to buy my book?’ and two buttons. One would be ‘yes, I want to buy!’ , clicking that button would direct people to your a check-out or a page where they can read more. The other button would be ‘no, I’d like to visit the website’. Clicking that button would simply close the overlayed page and show the page underneath.
You could do this in webflow but it’s also common to use a plug-in like Sumo for a welcome mat.
I do want to point out that welcome mats work well but they are something that will have a negative impact on your SEO ratings. google had started to reduce traffic to websites that use full-screen overlays. Just some extra food for thought.

Thank you for the response, I would be interested in the trainings you mentioned and will check them out next. Want to say thank you for the information. Also, since we can do this to an entire page can we simply have a notice pop up much like the notices that pop up for cookies and compliance? Would that affect SEO negatively?
Thanks Again,