Animations stop working when site is published

Hey all, I’m facing issues with my FAQ animations when I publish them. It seems to be working fine during preview and I even deleted them and re-added them thinking that would fix it but not sure what is going on.

Can check the last FAQ in the pricing page

Thank you in advance

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Hi Ddruv!

The scroll into view interaction on fqa_section_wrap seems to mess with the clickability of the drop downs (no idea why…)

Adding it to faq_dd seems to fix it (Triggers settings Class)


Hey! so just to confim. you’re saying I should remove the animation on the fqa_section_wrap and add it directly to each faq_dd along with the current animation it already has?


Add it to one and, at the bottom of the panel, set it to Class instead of element.

That way you won’t have to add it to each one separately

Hey, thank you for that!

Just pushed it to our webflow domain and works like a charm :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the useful information