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Animations on a dynamic list


I need some help on a specific feature :

I would like to make dynamic element inside a list to appear separately (with fade in etc) when scrolling.
I have made it for the rest of my homepage but when i ad an interaction to a dynamic element, it applies to all the others…

Is there a way to trick this ?

Here is the preview link:

I know i could do that by putting 3 dynamic lists inside 3 columns in a row but i also want my elements to be the same height at any time and it does not work with the row… (plus i have already done all the responsive and i wouldn’t like to do it all again…

Thank you !


Wa! Rosa Bonheur… I used to live a couples of blocks away at Jourdain. Was almost a regular, but not really a regular, let’s face it, I hate to queue for beers :wink:

I’m having a look at your question right now, I have never tried to add interactions to CMS items yet.

Hey I looked at it (nice site) but I don’t understand what you want and did…

I see interactions applied to whole dynlists so I don’t get the effect you’re trying to achieve, because so far it does exactly what it’s told to do.

Hey !

I would like the 3 separate event to appear with a little delay. Like other elements in the page.
The 1 first would move up first, than the second, etc.

The interaction is applied to the whole list because it’s the best i could do. If I appli the interaction on a list element, it applies to all (wich is logical), but I’m searching for a way to trick this into having a distinct animation for each element in the list.

I have to test further on one of my own sites, but out of the box what you’re describing isn’t going to work.

All the items in a dynlist will get the interaction, the same interaction. So the only thing that would make them appeared deayed would be an onscroll trigger with the item place at different heights, but that’s not possible either.

So yes, you are right, you’d need to use different dynlists wit different sorting, to make it work. This is acceptable as a solution, IMHO. You can put quite a lot of dynlists on a page. I already do this to make complex grids. Such as in .

Are you working at Rosa or just developping their website?

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