Animations don't work with a new page wrapper


I had made a cool animation with an accordeon pane effect. Directly inspired from that video.

Since I had some other animations on my page that created some blank space on the right side of the screen, I was advised by Webflow to create a page wrapper (with no overflow) in order to contain all the elements inside that wrapper.

It worked perfectly since the white space disappeared. But now my accordeon animation doesn’t work anymore. (see the first section called “MECANISME”, on this page.

To see how it looked like before, you can used the read-only link below and move the section outside of the page wrapper. It should show you how it was before.

Thanks a lot

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @Marc_Copywriting

Can you share your read-only again? I can’t open it to see from where the problem comes.

Thank you :webflow_heart:

nobody knows what to do?

it’s a really complicated issue?