"Accordion" Effect

I first apologize for my English.
I’m trying to create an accordion effect with my left menu icons.
to do that, i added some animation o each one to make it “grow” when some element is on tehe screen (those thin ribbons on the extreme right). At tis point it work.
The problem comes from the fact that the “blanks” between element have to change depending of the configuration to fit to some imaginary “grid”.
so i added animations 'on scroll" to the blanks i want them change. work fine for the first “loop” but then it bugs and it doesn’t animate the things anymore.
It’s weird specially the icons them self are changing size repeatedly.
Could you advice me some thing to realize my effect?
If somebody know some other way yo do it, forgeting about what i dit unitil now, i will be happy also.
My public link : https://webflow.com/website/slim-ben-lassoued?s=slim-ben-lassoued
my published page : slim-ben-lassoued.webflow.io
Thank you very much and i hope it’s little bit understandable. If not, I will do my best to give more details.
Best regards.

Hello @slimbl,
could you re-post read-only link, please? Now it sends to the page that doesn’t exist.


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