Adobe Animate + Webflow (Scroll into view)

My client gives me files which were generated by Adobe Animate and I’d like to add Scroll into view animation for Adobe Animate object. I’ve embed code, I see animation. But I need it to start when it is in view. Can anybody think how to do it?

I also can’t understand why when I implement more than 1 AA object works only last.

Here is my public share link:

Hi there @Stepan2017,

At the moment there isn’t a plugin for the Adobe Animate. If you can convert it in After Effects that would be best.

There you will be able to create numerous animation effects by using the Lottie Files/Bodymovin plugin.

Thanks. I know it and told my client how to do in the future (Lottie Files/Bodymovin). So I suppose ONLY laborious method with custom code at moment.

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