Animation setup correctly, but now doesn't appear

Hey guys. NEED HELP.

I’ve finished a scrolling animation during the loading of the screen, but it doesn’t show up whether I preview it or publish it.

I also have the arrow below my business name, that’s supposed to hover up and down in a loop. Again, doesn’t work anymore.

What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Tome Brand Studio

Bro you didn’t connect to the css class / interaction trigger.

I’m referring to the loader element in the navigation.
I believe everything is connected to the respective class.

Looks like is something about relative/absolute on the loader-flex I can’t really understand why it hides

It’s SUPER FRUSTRATING. I spent all day on a previous animation and deleted it thinking it was corrupted or something.

I bet, I would recommend to use Client-First in your build so it makes more sense to other dev’s!

No idea what that is. I’ve just been playing around the last few weeks and watching youtube vids.