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Animation Problems

Hello Sirs and Madams,

If you check the load animation for on the 4 colored bars, you’ll notice the bar on the bottom is not being animated regarding width 1-100%. How do I correct this?

Many thanks.

Actually, I noticed it’s a lot more messed up than I previouslly thought. All I want is for the colored bars to expand from 0-100% in width and opacity, from the center!

Can someone help please? I’m messing with settings trying to work it out.

Hi @dboccia,

for fix this issue just change a little bit interaction and initial appearance:

initial: opacity=0%, width=0px
interaction: opacity=100%, width=auto

Should work :wink:

Btw, very creative idea with color sliders :wink:


Hey @sabanna. Thanks, glad you like it! I’ve followed your orientation, but it’s still suffering from these issues:

  • Most times Width animation does not play, only opacity.
  • When width animation does play, it does not expand from center, rather it expands from a point on the left side.
  • As the sliders play along, width is for some reason gradually reduced, and the objects align to the right

Ok, if you don’t mind I will check it a little bit later, when will have a free time.


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