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Animation doesn't load automatically

Hello Webflow community,

this is my first post here, so if I’ve missed topic or something, please let me know.

This is my latest experiment with Webflow animations. I was wondering, why animation doesn’t start automatically when site is loaded? You need to click refresh button in browser for animation to start… (I’m using Chrome on Mac)


well is started automatically when i first went to the site. but each time after that i had to reload the page to get it start.

you might share a public link so we can help easier.

but i did shared a public link?

Hi @tomislavvv, thanks for your sharing your “Published” site link, but what @bryantay is referring to, is your public Design mode link, which is read only. You can enable your “Public Link” from the site settings page. Click the Enable Public Link" button, then copy the provided URL and then paste that to the forum post :smile:
Cheers !

oh i see, tnx @cyberdave!
this should be it?

Hi I am looking for a solution for this too as I am experiencing exactly the same problem with some of my projects.

Have you found a solution for this? I am still waiting for an answer from the webflow technical team.

I am stuck with this.


Whoa your thread got no love ! Sorry about that @tomislavvv and @human, I am looking into the reported behaviour and will come back to this as soon as possible. :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

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I moved 2 posts to a new topic: Issue with interactions loading

Thanks for following up and checking out my email Dave.

The issue happens within the environment of my project and I can’t reproduce the problem when the code exists outside my project. Did you get a chance to take a look at the video? Everything works well when the page reloads but when the page is entered through a link it does not work.

You mentioned that you don’t support Angular integration from your desk, is there someone else that could help me out with this problem? I’m at my logical wits end.

Nothing was working until I found a really obscure post that suggested that I add Webflow.destroy() and Webflow.ready() in my code. I just searched for again and couldn’t find it. Anyway, that got me most of the way there I think it just needs a little fine tuning. Who should I speak to about this?