Animated mouse scroll

Hi Guys,

i was wondering if we can do this kind of animation in webflow without using code.
Anyone tried this already.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @George_Konig,
here is a little example I put together for your question.

It is a little looping animation of the white circle:

Make sure you activate the “loop” checkbox


Hi @mrmtta This looks great. Could i have a look into the project?
How did you get the “rem” into that. When i try this it always gets denied.

This is how it looks so far. In case that anyone else is interested too.

You just need to type the value followed by the “rem” unit. Between the value and the unit name there is NO space. Like this.

when you hit enter Webflow recognizes the unit you want to use: rem, em, vw, vh…whatever you want


This is a messy project I just use for testing.

Under the pages panel you can find the Scroll Mouse Animation page.

ah perfect. i had the space between so it didnt work. now it working. thanks a lot.

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