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Animated hamburger button glitch

I created a mobile animated hamburger menu following one of the tutorials and it works great but…when you click on the hamburger to open the menu it transitions to an x just fine but when you click the x to close it transitions back to a hamburger but the top div block(1 of 3 making up the hamburger) loses 1px in height. It is very weird and I have tried everything to remedy it but can’t seems to get it straightened out. Any ideas?

Here is my public share link:
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If you remove the -45 degrees on the navbar close interaction for ‘Top Line Closed’ and replace it with just a rotation back to origin, all zeros, the pixel stays intact!


Awesome! Just got it working. Hey thank you so much for figuring that out. It wasn’t a big flaw but was driving me nuts.
Thanks again!

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