Lottie Scroll Animation within one section

Hey everyone,

I’m working on a cool site for a client and I’m trying to replicate a scroll animation effect like here:

So basically the whole site is fixed until the animation ends and then it scrolls normally.
Right now I’m using FullPage.js and I still want that to work but if it’s interfering too much then I might get rid of it.

I’m basically lost at that point because I don’t know how to play a Lottie Animation by scroll if the page is 100VH – I assume it would kinda need to scroll inside that section with 100VH and overflow:hidden but I don’t quite get to that.

Help is much appreciated and I would also pay for help in case I’m not able to do it.

Site is: unruly-capital.webflow.io

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Unruly Capital