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Animate CMS collection items differently

Hi guys !
I have a question about collection lists & animating the items inside it.

On this page, the red line is animated on scroll. The first is animated correctly, but since it is part of the collection list that is duplicated underneath, is doesn’t animate the rest since the animation is already over.

Do you know how I could style collection items differently ?

Here’s the read-only link if you need (but the page in the designer is slightly different since I used custom code) :

Thanks in advance,

Hi Justine!

You will need to use a scroll into view ix in this case. Provided that you set the ix to item and not class, it will apply to each line as it enters. You will need to apply a good amount of offset 30-50% maybe.

Looking good

Hi Hamish :slight_smile:

It’s working, thanks a lot !