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Anchor Links in Mobile Nav that Work on ALL Pages

Hey Webflow Staff,

maybe you need to take a look into this:

I know there are two ways to build an anchor Link:

  1. The external URL slug /#whatever which works on all Pages
  2. Use the Webflow “Go To Section” Predesigned Settings

So what does not work is:
A mobile Navigation won’t close after the Link is clicked,
if the first type of Anchor is placed: The external URL Slug.

The Solution: Build it with the second type of Anchor. Then the Mobile Menu closes.
The new Problem: Link doesn’t work on other Pages if the Menu is used as a symbol (which is most common, I think).

The new solution, as suggested in another topic by @cyberdave : Build two menus. One used on all other pages with external URLs. One used on the Page with the Anchor Links with internal anchors.

Dear Webflow Team, isn’t there a more flexible way to to this? Why are the internal anchors, that I can so easily set in the Designer, not working on the other Pages? This would be great!
Then we would need only one menu and it would also close on mobile.

You might have a look into this. Really appreciate everything you do!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi @davidk77

Thanks for posting about this and providing your feedback.

I definitely agree that having more flexibility around anchor link control like this would be a great improvement.

I can tell you I already have an internal enhancement request like this open, and the Customer Success Team will continue to push for this. We don’t have any updates now as far as being able to provide a time frame for such an update enhancement.

You are not alone in thinking better anchor link controle would be an awesome feature to have in Webflow. It is definitely something you can vote for on our Webflow Wishlist:

While building updates for existing features is always a priority, the team has been working hard on improving other areas of the product, while also building out CSS Grid, Ecommerce, and a few other features.

We definitely appreciate your patience and support while we work to improve all areas of the product. :bowing_man:

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