Analytics clicks

Is the prohibition of viewing the site in iframe? I wanted to see Yandex Analytics clicks, etc., But does not work. If so, is it possible to make a change to the server configuration? I know what. Thank you.
I tried all the ways. Analysis of user behavior, which I need not work. The reason for the refusal to show the site in iframe (Ie in the server settings using X-Frame-Options header), the collected data will not be available for viewing. To view information about visiting the site, you must add the server exception settings for the domain and its subdomains and domain for your site using a regular expression.


If you’re using nginx, add the following exceptions to the configuration:

location / {
    set $frame_options '';
    if ($http_referer !~ '^https?://([^/]+\.)?yourdomain\.com|([^/]+\.)?webvisor\.com/'){
        set $frame_options 'SAMEORIGIN';
    add_header X-Frame-Options $frame_options;

where yourdomain \ .com - domain name of your site. Using the blast area of your site (may differ from .com).
Can anyone have any thoughts?

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