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Amazing Effects Image

I love this amazing effects:

How to implement in Webflow?
That’s the question

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is not difficult.

just some png’s. some divs. and using the interaction of webflow, rotation and movement, but with a long duration.

propeller has this configuration:
spin, 90s, infinite, linear.

he’s rotating a image that contains the blades on top of the background image



yeah this looks fairly simple the hard part is the photos :smile:
on the first one it was easy to erase the blades because of the sky, on the other ones it’s a bit harder.
For the one with the skateboard I guess they took multiple shots.

Hi @PedroJ, one program I just got to create interesting effects is Cinemagraph Pro made by flixel. It will do a similar effect with video…by allowing you to combine a static image with a video, and you can just mark those portions of the static image which should be moving and which should be static. The output is either animated gif or video files which can be compressed to crazy small file sizes. Something to check out, but I liked it enough to buy it :smile:

I hope that might help too… if you do not want to code it… I am all in to time saving tools :slight_smile:

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Thanks súper Cyberdave!!! I whatch this right now!!