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*Amateur Alert* Retrieving code from zip file to upload to my site

I realize this is a dumb question but after I export my site, what do I need to extract from the zip file in order to upload it to my site? The site is somewhat limited as I am utilizing a HTML widget (with CSS capabilities) to upload the code into it. Any assistance on how to take the Webflow export and import into my own website would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @karolinek, you should be able to right click the file in Windows and unzip the folder or just double click on that in Mac top extract the files.

If you are not sure and you are using Windows, you can download winzip from to extract the files :smile:

Once files extracted, you can upload the extracted files, directly to your web hosting :smile:


Hi @cyberdave,

I appreciate the help. The problem actually falls on the site I’m uploading to. Unfortunately I can only insert the direct code into the site and cannot upload the files. Is there a way I can extract the code from those files to post on my site?



You can use notepad or download another free code editor to open the files. Then use ctr-c and crt-v to copy and paste the code.

Out of curiosity what website host are you using?

Thanks @AlexN! Just to be sure, do I copy over the code for all css files in the zipped folder? Does that include the html? What about the index.html and js folder - Anything I need to do there?

I am actually hoping to use the design for our LMS (Learning Management System) but they are pretty locked down as to what elements and design you can change within the system.

What specific LMS are you using? The index.html file is your home page. The Webflow design needs all of the files to work as expected. The html files rely on the CSS and JS files to render properly in the browser.

We are using Cornerstone OnDemand. Is it as simple as opening up the txt file for all files in the zip? It looks like there are about 5 files aside from the html file.

To copy the code all you need to do is open the file with a program that will display the code so you can copy and past it. The problem will be weather or not your LMS will let you alter the HTML, CSS, and JS on their system.

You should have 3 CSS files, 2 JS files an image folder (if you have used any images) and at least an index.html file.

OP doesn’t have FTP access to their server ?

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