Alternate my flex rows

I need to alternate my flex rows…

I am currently using this:

But it isn’t working…any ideas?

This is the site:

PS: Thanks guys. I have used every selector and sudo type in the book and even chained a ton of class/tag combos. Thanks again!

Please post code directly in the question itself and not as an image. Also, please publish your website as Site Custom Code DOES NOT work and cannot be viewed in the designer.

You are not making it easy for anyone to answer. I mentioned that you have to paste the custom code directly here.

Also, you did not specify which page and which element you are trying to apply this effect on.

L.O.L. OMGoodness sorry you are absolutely right. I was trying to be quick because I have a few things I am juggling at the moment. So again sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know I left those things out. See below:

Actual page:

Code used: .services-flex:nth-child(even) { -webkit-flex-direction: row-reverse; -ms-flex-direction: row-reverse; flex-direction: row-reverse; }

I placed this in the “HEAD” custom code section of the above page

.services-flex will always be an only-child in each dyn-item, which is an odd number, so your CSS rule doesn’t apply to it.

You should nth-child the dyn-item instead:

.service-flex-master .w-dyn-item:nth-child(even) .services-flex {
    -webkit-flex-direction: row-reverse;
    -ms-flex-direction: row-reverse;
    flex-direction: row-reverse;

See how fast you can receive an answer if you post the required information?

Perfect! Yeah, I didn’t think about that. Silly me.

I don’t understand this thread, but do need to alternate my flex rows…

Does this applies also in the content it seem at my end. In the Desktop and Tablet they’re applied but once it’s goin on the Landscape and mobile the even one hasn’t applied the row-reverse.