Alt tag on Links - What am I missing here?

I can see that the Alt field is available for images under the Settings Tab, however I don’t seem to be able to include an Alt tag for a link or nav item or button. If I click on the “Add Custom Attribute” Plus sign button and try to add an alt tag there, I get an error saying “This is a reserved name” (see image)

Am I missing something here when it comes to adding Alt or description tags to Links?


Hey great question.

The alt attribute is not a valid attribute on <a> tags. I imagine this is why it’s not allowed.

Here is a list of the Global attributes that are valid on the <a> tag.

The only valid attributes that aren’t allowed are the id and style attribute. This is because you set the id and style in the setting and style panels.

I think what you are looking for is the title attribute.

Hope this helps :smile:


Yes! The Title attribute… what was I thinking? Thanks for the help @AlexN

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