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Alt Tag on Dynamic images


I am using Dynamic List here , I need to add Alt Tag on images which are in Dynamic List, Please let me know how can I add.


Hi @simran21 try going to the image settings panel:


hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks @PixelGeek , really appreciating. only one thing as on main Image I can add that but what about the small images on this page .

which page are you talking about?

Also, when linking your site, post your read-only link:

@PixelGeek Here is a section I all talking about Also I am gonna share Public Link with you where you can see
you can see attached screenshot on live on Navigation Products> Natural Stone> Granite

Thanks for the link. It seems like you’re using a dynamic background image instead of an inline image.

You cannot put an alt tag on a background image.

Do you think it should be worthwhile to be able to call dynamic fiels to populate the custom attributes element?
For bg images you could thus do something like this:

  • Name: title
  • Value: [[Image alt text]]

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