ALL LINKS Perent CSS is not working

Hi I’m Experiencing an issue with setting the ALL LINKS css properties, im trying to add styles, and it just doesn’t happen, I’m trying to add underline to all the link blocks and change the color of the text.

you can see in this example that i have added the color and underline to all the links and it doesn’t work.

This website is in Hebrew but the example is on the style guide draft page.

Please help I’m already brain dead :))

Thank you very mutch

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

It’s being overridden by the code in your global-styles embed, at the very bottom of the page, lines 41-46.

/*Reset buttons, and links styles*/
a {
	color: inherit;
	text-decoration: inherit;
	font-size: inherit;

Ohhhh, thank you so much!

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