All custom code has stopped working

Hello to the community,

The custom code on my website was working perfectly fine until it suddenly stopped working overnight. I’m reaching out for your help in identifying the reason for this malfunction. I don’t believe I made any specific changes to the code, so I am currently at a loss on how to resolve this issue.

A big thank you to anyone who is willing to look into this.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Jean's Beautiful Site)
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Sound like you might have an error in the custom code, mind linking your live/staging website?

Hi Rory, I have a doubt about the procedure for this; can you give me more details?

Also, when i’m on this page : Services

The console show me that :

You’re getting a lot of errors, which could cause big parts of the custom code to not run properly.

Yes, I’ll dot my best to correct all that. Cheers