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Alignment problems in CMS

Hello everyone. I’m brand new to Webflow and I would like to know how to have the 3 categories in my CMS line up neatly in a horizontal row, with the same text styling, padding, margins for each category - like this:

Here is the link for the result I would like to accomplish under the heading “I’m Specialized In”

Here is the link to my webflow site:

I’m not sure what I am doing wrong, but I can’t seem edit how my alignment works.

Hi @jwoods7676

Welcome to Webflow and the Forum!

Layout wise it looks like you are aiming for something like this tutorial: - scroll down to ‘Feature Lists

You can also see more general information here on positioning and sizing etc:

On your current site it looks like you are pulling those icons in from just one collection item (Skills2s), so it is adding all 3 icons/specialisms into one collection item/column on the page.

If those are the 3 specialisms, they need to be 3 separate items within the Skills2s Collection. Then your collection list on the page should populate as you hoped into 3 columns. You can then style as desired…

Hope that helps?