Aligning sections/navbar after setting max width

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Whenever I set my max-width to 1200, and preview the website- everything seems to be aligned to the left. I’ve tried aligning it to center but it only works when I get rid of the max-width. If you see the right side of the nav bar- there is some white space. How do I fix that?

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If you share your read only link we can help you better.

The more info you provide better understanding for everyone and quickest help.

Your read only link its not working, can you re share it please?

If you want to set the max width to 1200 and centre your nav bar just select centre element from the padding/margin section:

You’ll get something like this:


Let me know if that is what you are looking for.

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Great I missed that! Is there a way to extend the background color of the navbar all the way to the corners while keeping the menu items centered with a max width of 1200?

You’ll notice it while scrolling down to the white background, the nav bar cuts off from the sides.

Yeah there is, instead of giving the nav bar the max width give it to the container (you deleted that one) but you can add it again.

Containers don’t let you modify their width but the way to do this is insert a div block and assign it a class called container, give that div block a max with of 1200 and then erase the div. Now select the element container and assign it the class “container” and the container automatically going to grow to that max width.

Let me know if I explain myself.


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