Align form field and button

Hello, I’m new to webflow. I’ve added a form to collect emails, but I cannot align the button to the form. I’d like them to be in the same line. What’s the best way to do this?

Monosnap Webflow - Noah Zender 2023-07-11 21-30-05

P.S. if you know the best way to set the dimensions to fixed as well that would be also I don’t know the bet way to fix everything to it’s size so I’m stuck with this poor experience right now.

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Depends on what you want for the layout, and how it will respond at smaller breakpoints.

One way is to give the email field a fixed width like 200px. and set it to inline block layout.
Another is to wrap the field and button in a DIV and set it to flex horizontal space-between.

The best way usually depends on how you want the mobile layout to change.

If you’re new to Webflow it’s important to go through the Webflow-U courses, you’ll really struggle until you have a good grasp of how web layouts work and how Webflow exposes that.