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Airtable Multiple select column to Webflow

Hi all,

I’m working on a booking website whereas I push data from a airtable table to Webflow CMS with Zapier.
Now I got most of it working but I have a column in airtable that is set a “multiple select” column that gives an error when I’m trying to push this. (The app returned “ValidationError: Validation Failure”.)

Within webflow CMS I have a collection that is being used for a multi reference field within the main collection. In the main collection the multi reference field values are empty as I want to push them into this field from Airtable.

  • Do multiple select columns work with the Airtable -> Zap -> Webflow CMS integration?
  • If not, does anyone have a good Idea to get this to work? I don’t want to have multiple columns for each of these variables.


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I have the same issue, did you manage to sort this out? I already have the collection data in webflow for the multireference fields, I set up multiselect in airtable and matched the names. But I get the Validation Failure when testing the Zap.

I managed to sort this out for my validation failure. What you need to do in Airtable is reference the webflow ID. So in my example I’m selecting a category in webflow. I set up a new table in Airtable for Categories. I listed the name and the specific webflow ID for each category. You can get this from the CMS record for each category. I now reference that field for the new item I’m entering in Airtable. So I pick the category in the items airtable record which does a lookup on the other table and populates the webflow ID in that table view. Now when I enter my Zap instead of using the name of the category to send to webflow, I use the webflow ID for that category. Hopefully this helps you or someone else trying to select a reference field in webflow via airtable.

Hi @Pete_Thompson,

I didn’t figure it out yet. It’s a sideproject for me so didn’t invest time in it yet.
Good to hear you managed to get it to work.

Would you be able to eleborate some more on this with somekind of tutorial or with screenshots?

I will work on the project next week so would love to get it integrated.

Thanks for your reply!

I tried this method. But I guess it’s not working. Have to figure out any other method.