Airport split flap animation

Hey all! I’m needing to add an airport split flap aniimation to my client’s site. Wondering if there is an easy way to do this with webflow animations.

Here is a link to what I am trying to replicate: jQuery Flight Board

I know it’s possible through jquery, but don’t know enough to modify the code myself. Ideally, I’d like the letters to be super large, so I’m betting that means I’d have to remake the source letters.

Any tips? My other thought is embedding a video…

@Heather_Jansen - I think it could be done in Webflow, but animating text is time consuming / painstaking and if you ever need to change anything it’s a huge huge pain. My recommendation would be to use the jQuery solution or a solution where you can just provide text and the animation is handled for you.

I would also recommend looking at GSAP over jQuery for text effects:

Much smoother and many more options.

Thanks, Sam! That flip style is not exactly what I am after, but I have found two other jquery libraries that could work. I am not well-versed in javascript, so I’m unsure how to edit them. Could I pay you to help me get these implemented on my site? Or, do you know anyone who could help?

source 1
Source 2