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Split page up/down animation on scrolling

Hello Webflow experts. I have the re-build of this site in Webflow coming up
The site’s main design feature is a split page with each side moving in opposite directions on scrolling, or when a link to inner page content is selected (as seen here It’s going to be quite a challenge I think. I was wondering if any Webflow experts could share their thoughts on how this could be handled with Webflow’s Interactions, or if it is even possible.


Just commenting here to bring it to Webflow folks attention again in the hope that somebody may have some ideas.

I’d recommend checking this out but admittedly I haven’t tried implementing it.

Give it a shot and let us know if you’re having trouble and someone may be able to give you some additional insight.

Thanks Mike.
Yes, I know all about Multi Scroll, I used it for the site I need to rebuild in Webflow. I was hoping that Webflow might have a way of doing it ‘out-of-the-box’ (or fairly close) without having to use the script again. It got pretty tricky. I think I may be using it again though.


Nope, this is a fairly complex and unique scrolling technique that isn’t supported without third party scripts, but you still may be able to come up with something someone similar using interactions.