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Affect different elements on click


I am building a site here

on the purple menu, “brands” link, the idea is for the menu under with list of brands to appear on click of the “brands” link, but I am very confused with the whole Affect different sections feature - I got the block to appear and disappear when clicking the menu link, but now can’t adjust the initial appearance as it affects the menu link (so it is gone as well if I want the block gone initially on load).

How can this be achieved? Ive had a similar issue on other sites as well.


to view the site link is here

Hello @tatiana

I don’t know why you didn’t use generic Webflow dropdown-menu widget for that, but probably there was a reason.

So, about interactions. When you apply some interaction to the element, initial appearance will effect only that element, feature “Affect different element” doesn’t work in that part. And for initial hiding that “brans block” you will need to create interaction for that block, where will be ONLY initial appearance and nothing else. Apply this new interaction to “brands” block and everything will work like you want :wink:

Good luck

hello, the reason I didn’t use the dropdown is because I need three columns in the results and it only has one, maybe I haven’t explored the options on that.

I will try what you said now, thanks

That worked perfect, thank you!:slight_smile:

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Alright, worked out how touse the actual dropdown, but is there way to open them on hover and not on click? thanks

Oookkk :wink:

  1. I can’t find element with class “submenu” which you use in interaction.
  2. You can easy create same interaction, just with HOVER trigger, instead of click. But I am not sure it will work properly because when you will move mouse to submenu-links it will mean you hover out dropdown link and it will close dropdown menu.

I will try to recreate columns structure inside the generic dropdown menu and let you know if it is possible. It would fixed lots of your problems.

I did manage to recreate columns in generic menu, but then its on click, I need it on hover:)

Here is good tutorial

that worked perfectly, thank you Sabanna

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riiiight…new version of the site here

customising the hover drop down (under DESIGNERS link on the menu) and it has that weird initial appearance, once you click it once and it appears then its ok from that point on - appears on hover and disappears, but there is something under it when it first loads…weirdd

:slight_smile: you are troublemaker lol (joke)

  1. Two elements (Dropdown and designerddown) has the same interaction (“menuonhover”). “designerddown” nas to have NONE.

  1. Click on “listonhover” element, go to style tab and add size, which you added when this list is opened (you will see there is no sizes now)

Done, seems it works :wink:


Thank you very much again, Anna!


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