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Trigger dropdown with hover instead of click

Hi guys,

I was just wondering if it is possible to open dropdoown when user hovers over or it is just possible with click?


Yes, see it here :


  1. Click on your Dropdown element and select the Settings tab (D)
  2. Click on Open Menu
  3. Click on the Link 1 element and then the up arrow on the keybord in
    order to select the parent element (DropDown List)
  4. Give it a unique class name (Drop list 1 for example)
  5. Select the dopdown menu element again
  6. Settings tab, add an interaction
  7. on Hover
  8. select “Affect different element” then type your classname in the
    field (Drop List 1 for example)
  9. on hover, display block
  10. on hover out, display none

test, should work

If you limit the interaction to nested element and give the same classname to all of the drop downs, you should be able to reuse the same interaction for every item. Haven’t tested it.