Advice on 'stacking' code more generally

I have a decent enough understanding of how to implement ‘single-uses’ of custom code in Webflow (and the amazing things this can do!) - but as soon as I require multiple snippets on a single page etc, I get a little stuck.

I’m quite keen to have a few extra-code features on my website, but on one long scrollable landing page. Is it as simple as placing the code snippets in order, so that they display on the published page in the right order, or is there a better way to do this?
For example, if I was using code to affect an actual block or piece of text, I would be able to place that initial block or text exactly where I want it (giving me more agency over its placement) - but with the following effect (, I’m pretty sure the letters have been made in Adobe Illustrator or similar, as they seem to be vectors… Do you know how I would move the interactive word ‘creative’ around my site / stack things above and below it etc? Thanks so much in advance !

My site read-only is: Webflow - hen-ry

The specific code I reference looks like this in browser:
(password is henry)