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Advice on an animation I have to make with Webflow

Hey guys,

I have to make a worldmap with animated destinations like this:

This is what I have done in Webflow untill now:

The problem I have is basically, the destinations have to fade in, disappear constantly and loop.
I have managed to make these 2 disappear with the same animation but how do I for example
Tell “New York” and “Australia” to restart the animation when “Bangkok” has ended. so that the
locations loop constantly.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Anton_Bram

Could you provide a read-only link so that we can take a look at your project?
Here is how:

Thanks :slight_smile: !

Oh i’m sorry, this was new to me.
Thanks! here is the link


No problem at all! I’ll take a look :wink:

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Here is a really quick example, obviously you need to tweak it more than i did but this will get you on your way:

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First of all, THANK you so much for your instruction, really appreciate it.
I followed your instructions but at 1:54 I seem to not get New York to loop.
I don’t get what I am missing.



This should fix it:

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Fantastic! thanks a million and have a great weekend!

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