Infinite Loop integration

Hey guys, I tried to integrate this into my website

Here is my website

I hooked up the code on the homepage specifically, tried both on the header and body. I gave the body wrapper .js-loop and named the last div as .is-clone, but the site doesn’t loop as intended.

Will anyone have any advice on how to implement this?

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Hi Egon,

Can you share a read-only link to the project?

btw, watch out for that horizontal scroll there :slight_smile:

Thank you, will fix that scroll!

  1. Use a different div to wrap the hole website and give it the classes of Loop and js-loop (don’t use the body for that).
  2. Give the body and the js-loop elements the css properties as in the codepen (Oveflow, position, height, etc’)

That should do the trick :smiley:

Hey @avivtech, thank you very much for the help.
Currently, scrolling upwards work, but not downwards.
Would you know why that’s the case?

hmm… a progress! almost there :wink:

I am not sure, but try removing the css you entered in the <head> tag and apply it directly to the elements using Webflow.

Hey! I got it to work changing the 1 pixel scroll to 5 in the JS. No idea why, but it worked!
Just got to play around with the numbers more now.
Thanks again buddy.

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Amazing! happy to help :smile:

If you can, please mark as solved


Hi there, can somebody help me to solve this? I can’t seem to be making this work, what am I doing wrong? I tried the solution above, but unfortunately the preview link of the example has been changed too much and I don’t think the structure is there anymore.

Thanks in advance!

Hey, could you possibly help me as well! I can’t preview the example that had this resolved…
Thank you! See my post below for the link

Hi @avivtech

I found this post and manage the implement it and works fine. However, i want this for CMS items in a grid and the scroll loop does only work for one column. Would you know why?

Here is my Read only link: Webflow - danielremes

Hi, Late response but I think you only need to make sure your -body class has overflow: hidden. I made it work in my site…


Hi, Thanks for that.
I made it work, but when I publish and preview, I get some sort of flicker once I reach the end and the loop starts. Do you get this too? Is it possible to make it smooth?

Here is the published staging site -


It works perfectly when I visit the link. I open it in Safari.