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Advantage to containers vs. nested DIVs

We have a 1200px-wide design for a website that we want to build out within Webflow.

One option would be to redesign the website to be 960px wide, so that we can use containers to make it work. However, it appears that we could also create the website using a series of nested DIVs with the proper massaging at each breakpoint, to ensure that they fit the correct width and wrap correctly.

Any gotchas or things to worry about if we are using nested DIVs instead of containers? Or are containers just effectively a set of pre-packaged DIVs under the covers?

Thanks all, Bill

Hey Bill,

Containers are essentially pre-styled divs to center content within sections :). I’d recommend using sections and then nesting DIV’s within the sections. Another fun thing to try is to make each Section set at 100vh (vertical-height).

This makes your containers span the full height of the browser window or screen.
Are you not building a responsive site?

Ah, very cool. Yes, we’re doing a responsive site.

Just making sure haha :smile:
Are you just starting from a 1200px wide design then scaling down?

Hi Bill

I am doing exactly what you are asking on a site at the moment. Not had any issues at all. Instead of the predefined containers I have dropped divs in and given them L&R % margins to bring the size down to around 1200px. Works very well.

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We’ve decided to stick with the 1200px site, no scaling. So far so good!

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