80% Div vs Container

I don’t like how narrow the standard container is for placing content. Is there any downside to using 80% divs instead?

My plan is generally to nest divs (also using % instead of px) in flexbox. Seems to me that it is going to help with responsiveness.

Will that get me into trouble later, that isn’t readily apparent?


You should not worry about this. I personally find this “Container” element unnecessary and your post urged me to publish this wish: https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/WEBFLOW-I-491

As for % vs px - I personally prefer to stick to px, using the max setting for mobile views. The aesthetics of your site is much more predictable this way. Using percentages might bring some huge blank spaces on bigger screens, distorting the initial aesthetic concept of your design.

Thanks, that is helpful to consider!

I always use divs.

I use max-width on pretty much everything and center element (auto-margin) on the container-div.
Then you don’t have to remember to adjust for mobile :slight_smile:

Also helpful - thank you!

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