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Advanced Webflow Forms - Multi Steps & Conditional Logic

Hey @AlexIglesias,
yep, that’s fixed it. Thanks!

Do you know how to change the border of a parent element when a checkbox / radio is selected?

@Maximilian_Shiraishi you must choose to trigger an interaction in the actions dropdown of the conditional logic builder, and use that interaction to change the border of the parent. If you check the quick intro you’ll see an example in there

That would do the trick for any elements’ parents with IDs. Because I don’t want to add IDs to all of the parents it would be pretty nice to have the option for class or ID in the conditional logic.

I have several other feature requests because what you built there can be very very powerful in the future :slight_smile: dk how to dm here, but do so if you like to hear my ideas. ¡feliz navidad!

Great job on this tool, thanks a bunch!

I almost completed my form but I stumbled on a problem and I’m not sure what is causing it.

Whenever I click to submit the form, it doesn’t continue to the success message and simultaneously it doesn’t submit the actual form (not receiving it in email).

I have a feeling the conditional formatting hiding some of the inputs is causing the issue because when I remove the conditional formatting and display all inputs normally as I did on this test page, then it does continue to the success message and I receive the input in my email.

Do you know what might solve the problem?

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Happy New Year Alex! Like many others I am super appreciative of you putting this tool together! So I am running into a similar issue like others on the thread whereas when I hit the submit button nothing happens. Here is my read-only link

Look forward to hearing what might solve this issue.

@clercdaily @maddpy Hi guys! Just FYI, the tool will be rebuilt in the next few months in order to make it more intuitive to use and to fix these annoying bugs. I’ll keep you updated on this!


Hey @AlexIglesias, any option to show a certain slider step when a value is met with the conditional logic?

E.g. I want to show step 2 of the form if the email on step 1 is filled. If not, I want to show step 3.

Hello @AlexIglesias

Is there a way to have the next button on every slide? Right now it works on the first slide but not on the second.


Alex this is fantastic and can already think of many uses for this.

Are there any live demos of forms using this system in action? Would be great to see samples of one or more end-results.

Likewise, would be great to see a form being implemented in a clonal project.

This is so good.

Hello! I am having simple troubles with the “Next” button not working at all. I have copied and pasted the javascript code in the of the page but still can’t get it to work. Any suggestions to help @AlexIglesias ? My team and I would greatly appreciate any tips!

The form is on the “Quote Request” page.
Published link:

Read Only Link

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