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Webflow blog box

I am making an assumption that Webflow created their blog with the help of collections. Provided that is the case, how are you guys creating this block right here (and interchangeably too!).

That looks more like a static link box. Can you elaborate on what you are asking?


They split their article body in 2 RT elements. And I guess the ad is either static or there’s a collection of ads.

@jmw can maybe share more trickery…

I think @nabbiechan’s wondering how to split a CMS post body in 2 parts to insert an ad or promotion, or CMS image in between. The answer is we can’t, and to do this, they have to have 2 RT fields for their article body, in the blog posts collection.


Vincent’s right: Blog posts are powered by a Collection, and we split the post body into two distinct rich text fields. The module in the middle is also dynamic, so I can easily promote new features, products, and content whenever I want. It’s currently set to display content from that Collection randomly, but we’ll be refining that soon.

It’s a minor pain to split the post body, but the increased traffic to important content is more than worth the pain.

That’s about it for the trickery, really :slight_smile:


Thanks! I had a hunch that this might’ve been the case of having 2 RT fields, I just needed to make sure. Thanks for validating it! :grin:

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Pretty cool hack, actually. One just needs to plan for it, as :webflow_heart: obviously did.
I’m using hack in the best sense of the word.
body text 1
body text 2
body text 3

Then just create conditional collection item “links” in between in your article layout…

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