AdobeXD to Webflow -- not website, just content

Hi everyone! I’m fairly new to Webflow and had a question about bringing some stuff over from AdobeXD to my personal portfolio website. I’m trying to bring over one of my case studies, and am not sure if thats possible without manually having to convert all text and images over to Webflow format (div, etc). Is this possible?

I watched the youtube video showing how to bring a prototype to life on Webflow, but it didn’t really solve my issue.

You can always try copy and paste, then clean it up. There is no import for page content from XD or any other design tool.

I tried to copy from XD and paste into webflow, but to no avail. Am I missing something?

If you select text and paste that text into a text element the content should paste. No formatting. You can’t do this with objects.