Adobe Muse dev/support ending - Switching to Webflow?

Hi all,

In case you’re not aware of this:

We may see a rise in the number of questions from Muse users looking to move to Webflow…

I thought it would be good to open a thread where you can post your own experiences of making the move/your comparison between platforms - and any tips and tricks you may have for those thinking of migrating their workflow to Webflow.

If you have experience - please post below and show them some :webflow_heart:


For any Muse users - a couple of useful links here via @ chriskellett on Twitter

Chris / Jason if you are on the forums - please join the thread!

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This is awesome! Good video :slight_smile:

Also @jmw has posted this on the Webflow blog:

Thanks @StuM for starting this thread.

Many members of the Webflow team have used Adobe Muse for years, and we’re humbled by those considering switching their design and development work to Webflow.

For those that need support or for those that know someone that needs support transitioning from Muse to Webflow, we’ve also posted a video on this exact topic:

Send this video out to those in need :slight_smile:


I’ve got the energy to take on these muse to Webflow migrations. Bring it on. is ready.

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I have just one client I made a Muse site for about 7 years ago. It was the best alternative at the time, but crazy how they tied the hosting to business catalyst (also for the chop) as that was absolutely not designer-friendly. Adobe is notorious for abandoning their customers like this. They lost my trust years ago.

Not sure what I will do, I still like the site so perhaps I will just slowly rebuild it over the coming year in Webflow for fun. I doubt this client will want to pay any more for it.

Joining @PixelGeek to thank you for starting this thread @StuM !

I would also like to add that we’re here to support you guys with this - meaning that we’d love to hear from you if you start getting a lot of private messages from users looking for advice to switch from one to the other. I’m sure that there are a lot of questions/answered that can be crowdsourced and gathered in one place. :rocket:

So by all means, please let us know if you’re getting poked for help and we’ll do our best to make this as smooth as possible :two_hearts:

The guy that narrates these videos and those on the University is an absolute TREASURE - he is literally BRILLIANT at keeping you focussed on the tutorial content.

His witty banter peppered throughout is fabulous and I’m a super fan! Please keep the tutorials coming - his energy is MINT and I can’t wait to get started with WEBFLOW. The tutorial content is pure gold and I’m sooooo grateful to WEBFLOW for throwing us a huge lifeline - I’m feeling a LOT better now than I was when the announcement dropped.


Cheers again for being proactive - I know it’s business and smart marketing on your part - but I really get the sense that you guys actually do care about our freelance businesses that were based around MUSE. I feel like an idiot and should have seen the writing on the wall ages ago…

Adapt or die and - I’m adapting with you WEBFLOW.