Former Muse user says, "WOW!"

Wow. Just Wow.
Cannot believe how professional and easy for me to GROK this web app.
I’m finally actually happy that Muse has EOL’ed, because it allowed me to find this incredible tool.

I’m not in any way associated with these guys, but it took me all of a single day to build half a dozen pages for different projects, including a landing page for our company:

I was able to host with a single button click as Webflow automatically set my settings at GoDaddy.

Very nice. I’m sure I’ll find stuff to complain about sooner than later, but the on-ramp was quite nice. The video tutorials are easily the best of any software I’ve every used. All around, KUDOS to the folks at Webflow! Good Job

One thing I might mention, I do have some history working with CSS. I’m no master, but if one understands CSS, I would suspect things are much easier at the start.


The same feeling. Muse is the past!

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Glad to hear your feedback @chippwalters

Good to have you Chip!

And this is THE best community forum I’ve ever been a part of. You can ask pretty much anything and get an answer with minutes - at the most an hour or two. There’s always helpful people who understand time constraints, budget, design intent, etc. I know that migration from m-se was not easy. The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago.

You’re going to love your Webflow journey!

If you ever have a question, just give a shout. Have Fun!

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Welcome @chippwalters!

Glad to know that you are enjoying Webflow and I hope that you stick around and share your work with the Community! :smiley:

Me too, I was kind of angry that Muse pulled the rug out from under us… but after a couple days of working with Webflow (actually, it happened as soon as I saw the video they made for Muse users), I was really glad they killed it. This is just much more logical.