Adobe Font's not linking to my webpage

I copy and pasted my adobe font API token to my site settings page and pressed save changes, i waited over night for results since the warning says it may take 10 minutes, but the fonts are still now showing up and they are not usable in my editor.

Hey Alexander! Did you make sure to add your fonts to a web project in your Adobe Fonts account, and then select that web project in your Webflow project’s dashboard?

Here’s some info on how to create a web project in Adobe and then you can follow step 4 on this page to connect the two.

Hope this helps. Let me know if I can clarify anything.

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Hi @AlexanderBiglane here is step by step video that may help you to find missing step

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@ColemanChrisB and @Stan Thank you both very much for your replies, that fixed the issue.