Adjusting an already built site for wider browsers

Hi Webflowers -

already built out my site. whole bunch o pages. site is here:

now, looking to constrain WIDTH of site on larger monitors. Basically, happy with site on mobile, tablet and desktop… until browser is set wide and expands past 1800-2000. Thought someone had a workaround.

Looking for a solve that doesn’t starting from scratch. :smile:

As always - thanks in advance.

Scott B.

Okay–super simple solution:

Drag a new div block to the top of your page. Call it “wrapper” or anything you want. Set the width to 100% and the max width to 1800px (or whatever). Now go over to your navigator and drop in your existing sections/content.


@McGuire -
just started and your suggestion seems to be working awesome. Resolves 99% of my problems.

Last 1%… my Nav.

I built the div to max at 1600. When I bring everything into it, all works well BUT the nav.
More specifically - the nav works fine UNTIL browser goes beyond 1600. At that point, the opened hamburger nav starts losing visibility along far right edge of browser. The wrapper div seems to be creating a mask that blocks visibility… or the nav is still trying to align to the far right edge of browser.
whichever the case, cannot figure a workaround.

to help in accessing this issue, my home page has the nav outside the wrapper div to show you how it should work beyond 1600. url is:

now, compare homepage to an inner page for UNIQLO/LUCKY BREAK, where I put the nav into the wrapper div - and expand your browser past 1600, to see how it gets funky. url is:

as always - appreciate the help.
Thanks again -

Scott B.

Your nav is not outside the wrapper div for the second link! It’s actually nested right inside your wrapper div.

(Both links you provided seem to have a 1 tacked on to the end making them unusable without modifying the destination URL)

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