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Is the navbar limited in its width?

I am making a base body page with a 1920 1080 container pic to use up all the page. I’m curious if you can make the navbar go edge to edge? or is there a limit? I cant find anything on this. The navbar just sits in the center but wont reach edge to edge.

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Hi @cgmindd, thanks for the good question. Drag the Nav Menu div out of the container, so that it is just under the Navbar instead of the Container.

Next, put the navbar onto the body or other element that has 100% width of the body.

I hope this helps !


Thxs Dave, that did it. I was not able to drag it out for some odd reason. But deleting it and adding it again fixed it.

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Hmm… here is my experience. I though that did the trick but ran into another. I just deleted and added it again inside the container holding the 1920 1080 res picture set to full screen all the time. It shows it does border to border but inside the navbar where the logo box and Home About Contact are does not reach the edge, kinda stays inside the navbar container. Is it a container limitation?

Ok … figured adding classes to the insid nav like LOGO HOME ABOUT CONTACTS actually allows me to move them to the edge.

Hi, the built in container has a width of 960px (940px content + 20px margins).

Anything put in to a container will be constrained and centered on the page. I hope this helps! If you have a read-only link to share, I am happy to take a look further at the design if any issues.

Ahh thats explains it! Ok … good info. Will editing the code bypass the limitation?

Hi, well if you mean, can you style the container to have different widths, but it would require some custom css and the changes would not be shown until you publish the site.

Take a peek at this article: Activate 1200px "Large Screen" media query

Thxs Dave … Ill keep watching the training vids to get more familiar. Ill look into that link. thxs again.

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