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Adjustable Viewport Width (992px [large vw) to 2285px [smaller vw])

I’m wanting to figure out how to change the width of a standard div block.

Ideally the div block would be set to 50vw when the window is really large i.e 2285px.

The problem I am facing is that when the window is scaled down to 992px (smallest desktop window size) the 50vw makes the text incredibly vertical… it looks somewhat ok because I have setup the correct float and clear to wrap the text.

Is it possible at 992px for the div block to be set to 90vw and everything in between scales according?

Please see photos for a clear idea of what I am wanting to achieve.

Thank-you for the possible help.

Note: To sum up what I have tried to explain. Can I make the width of a div larger if the window size is reduced by using vw.

hi @Kalan have you tried setting the minimum width for your desired breakpoint?